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  Курсы Аглийского языка для различных профессий в престижной школе Лондона The London School of English

Узнайте свой уровень Английского Языка

Оформление студенческой визы в Великобританию, при бронировании тура на обучение стоимость визы 160 евро

Узнайте свой уровень Английского Языка

Перед вами 30 тестовых предложений. Подставьте подходящий вариант на места пропусков ".....":

  1. Johnny the dog at the moment.
  2. They are Julie`s shoes. They are
  3. I am going to America Christmas.
  4. They an expensive car last year.
  5. There are some on the farm
  6. Your garden is larger than
  7. When I was young I run very fast.
  8. Mum needs two of soap.
  9. My brother to the gym. He`ll be back in two hours.
  10. When I got home, there wasn`t there.
  11. Don`t talk, while you
  12. She brought two of milk from supermarket.
  13. The room is empty. There is there.
  14. I`ll give it to her when she back.
  15. When my older sister passed her driving test she was pleased with
  16. Do you think it this winter?
  17. Let`s make a snowman,
  18. I am looking forward from you.
  19. America several centuries ago.
  20. This time next week I on a sandy beach.
  21. He`s tired. He since 9 o`clock.
  22. Mary has four children, but of them are tall.
  23. Clair explained that she to hurt me.
  24. Have you ever thought of your own fruit and vegetables?
  25. Turn on the lights, ?
  26. “I`m going to the bus station.” “ am I. I`ll give you a lift.”
  27. Watch out! You the plates.
  28. His language skills seem
  29. Sarah her bag in the shop.
  30. I before.